The Most Advanced Library Management Solution. Cataloging, Acquisitions, Stock, OPAQ and many more




Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) with thumbnail document image support (can be use for book cover), Simple Search and Advanced Search mode

E-Library Support

Supports the management of multimedia documents (.FLV, .MP3) and digital documents, particularly PDFs, in streaming form.

Circulation, Stock Taking, Acquisition

Transactions of borrowing and returning, Manage stocktaking, Flexible lending rules, Information on delays and fines

Membership & Supply

Membership management, ID Card, items management with barcode support, Library Orders,supplier Details

Generate Various Reports

Helps easily generate various reports and activities on Borrowing Statistics, Usage Histories, Holding Reports

Full Documentation

Software Comes with Full Documentation on product Usage.


As the need of library increases so the number of library users and tasks increases and library management becomes cumbersome, and difficult. Library Automation is the answer for any library which seeks to overcome the problems of a continuously growing library.

SARU LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is the Solution for any Library as it helps staff to perform library task faster, easier, cheaper and more efficiently


• Faster and Easy searching of Library items

• keep Check of items (Simplify the Stock Taking Process)

• Easy registration and management of all library users

• Faster and Easy Cataloging of all library bibliography

• Easy Acquisition

• Excellent control over circulation (loan and Return).

• Report to management.

• Boost the Library Image.


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